We use cookies on the website of Joanna Invests. We do this to improve our services, to make sure that our website functions optimally, and to execute efficient marketing campaigns.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on a computer, tablet or mobile device by an internet page. On the website you can approve to place cookies.

Please find below a list of cookies that we use on our website and their functionality:

Analytics cookies

We use analytics cookies to study how our website is used. To do that, we place a permanent cookie on your computer or mobile device. This provides us with insights in the way how and how often the website is being used. Based on this data, we can make changes to the website and ensure that it functions optimally.

We process anonymous statistics on visits to our website. We use a web analysis system that saves the following information via cookies:

  • IP address
  • Technical characteristics such as the browser you use (like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox) and the resolution of your device's screen
  • From which page you arrived at our website
  • When and how long you visit or use our website
  • Whether you use some or all of the functionalities of the website
  • Which pages you visit on our website
Social cookies

Cookies from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that give insights in the results of our advertisements on these social platforms and to show advertisements of Joanna Invests that are aligned with your preferences.

Removing cookies

It is easiest to remove cookies through your browser. Click for more information on the 'Help' function of your browser. On http://www.youronlinechoices.com/be-nl/ you can remove cookies from third parties centrally so that these files won't be placed at another website.

Contact form

On this website you will find a contact form. Your data will be stored when you share it with us and will only be used to contact you.