We invest capital and expertise in impact driven female founders

With the Joanna Invests Community, we invest in early stage companies of female founders that change the world.

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Female founders only receive 1% of venture capital funding. And we believe it is about time to change this.

We are proud to support a growing portfolio of female founders


We are looking for founders who meet the following criteria

You have female leadership (Female CEO and/or female founded)
You're looking for pre-seed or seed stage funding
You're raising equity, a convertible loan or a SAFE
You're headquartered in Europe
You're open to investment tickets between EUR 50,000 and EUR 200,000

Our founders' testimonials

We really appreciate how open, clear and diligent you have been this entire time. We feel lucky to work with you.

Arosha Brouwer & Lucy Howie - founders of Quan
As a former VC, I've heard many times a founder's worry that "you only get to know the true nature of investors after they have invested" (and often that ain't pretty). Investors tend to sell a lot of added value, but what it comes down to is: does this investor have your back?

I can honestly say that I couldn't have felt more supported by Claire/Joanna Invests. Through the highs (like winning an FD award) she's cheering me on, but even more importantly: she is supportive through the lows too. She checks in on a human level, supports by opening doors to her network, is smart/analytical and can give great advice too, and is just an incredible partner to have on board.

Anieke Lamers - founder of Peekabond
My experience with Joanna Invests was unique, but shouldn't be.

I pitched over zoom to a panel of all women investors. Pitches are nerve wracking, and they should be. You must be prepared with your numbers, your story. You must be precise, quick, and confident. And usually, you have to brace yourself for the questions that will put you on the defensive against assumptions about you or your model that aren't accurate.

But with Joanna, every one of the investors was really listening. They weren't interested in trying to trip me up. They were interested in me, my business. Asking questions that went deeper into what I was saying.

Beth Massa - founder of Ozarka

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