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what we believe
At Joanna Invests, investing is for everyone. We believe that investing is part of creating a more equal and inclusive society.

Learn how to invest. Connect with fellow investors. Find the tools to get started.

A community of women funding female entrepreneurs

Research shows that female entrepreneurs only received 1.7% of capital raised in 2020 in Europe. We are on a mission to change that! 

We are building a community of women that would like to invest in and support female entrepreneurs. Our goal is to make investing accessible for many by allowing investments of smaller amounts than average in angel investing. You can decide which company you would like to support, while we take care of the paperwork.

Women in finance fighting for more financial freedom

Working in investment banking and finance for over 15 years, we have experienced how difficult it is to make smart choices with your hard-earned money. You would like more return on your savings, but don’t want to take too much risk. Traditional banks only seem to focus on wealthy people so you don’t feel like you belong there. 

We are a group of professional women that are on a mission to give you the tools to become a confident and savvy investor.