Joanna Invests, a new angel investment collective for women, has invested in Dutch startup company We Are Eves, a trusted platform for honest and independent beauty product reviews.

Joanna Invests is a new collective that unlocks funding to female-founded startups from female angel investors, providing not only financial support but also expertise from woman to woman. The company wants to lower the barriers to angel investing, making it easy and accessible to a wide group of women. It offers investment opportunities in startups for a minimum of EUR 2,500. The investment in We Are Eves is the first of many to come as the pipeline of deals is filling up quickly. 

Kirsten Tijssen (Senior Director Partnerships & New Commerce Nike EMEA) is one of the angel investors of the Joanna Invests Angel Collective: “I have invested through Joanna Invests as it offers me the opportunity to be part of a funding round that normally would only be available for larger investors. Also, I didn’t have to spend time searching for the right startup, negotiating the deal, or worry about the legal paperwork, as Joanna Invests takes care of this. I am very excited to support the female founders of We Are Eves.” 

Claire Tange, founder of Joanna Invests: “I am super proud to have closed this first investment with the Joanna Invests community just months after launch. Joanna Invests is completely aligned with the mission of We Are Eves to make the cosmetics industry more honest and transparent via user-generated reviews of their members. I am really impressed by the drive and vision of the team to change this industry. The Joanna Invests Angel Collective is looking forward to being part of their expansion plans to the rest of Europe.”