Since day one, the mission at Quan has been to improve the well-being of people, teams, and organizations. To achieve the mission, they place science at the heart of well-being. Their in-house cross-functional team of experts blend their mastery in organizational, behavioural, clinical, and health psychology as well as psychometrics to create powerful tools that are empirically tested at our Quan research centre.

Their approach is rooted in scientific literature, conversations with practitioners (e.g., doctors, therapists), and public involvement of those with first-hand experience such as employees, team leads, and organizations so that our research is designed and conducted with them rather than for them. We then conduct extensive testing, run sophisticated statistical modelling, and we are committed to peer-review and publications in high impact journals as well as academic and industry conferences.

Joanna Invests facilitated the deal with Quan in June 2022 and July 2023.