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Your brand is too important not have us looking after it.
Katherine Stern, Principal Partner
our team

Meet the crew.

Annemarie Kruijer

Co-founder - Marketing & Growth

Annemarie has over 10 years of broad commercial experience in both fast-pacing startups and corporate life. She started her career at Vodafone where she worked in Marketing, both in the Netherlands and Italy. Once returned to the Netherlands she co-founded electric last mile ride sharing startup Abel in partnership with Transdev Group. More recently, Annemarie has worked for scale ups in Fintech, as Head of Marketing for Funding Circle NL and Head of Marketing at Briqwise.

Annemarie just dipped her toes into angel investing but has years of experience in investing in ETF’s. She is very passionate when it comes to female empowerment. By enabling women to invest in other women via the Joanna community, she brings that passion into action.

Claire Tange

Founder & General Partner - Investments & Funding

Despite being trained as Chemical Engineer, Claire has more than 15 years of experience in finance, starting her career as an investment banker in London. She was the first CFO of Fastned (IPO-ed on Euronext), founding CFO at Dott and currently she is the CFO of Source.ag (EUR 25m Series A). As financial freelancer she has advised many start- and scale ups and is passionate about companies that make the world a better place.

Claire is an active (angel) investor and part of the Operator Exchange. Besides investing the majority of her money in ETF’s, her portfolio includes Felyx, Manometric, Cowboy and Tuned.com. Through Tuned, she invests in crypto and she owns shares in tech companies such as Tesla, NVIDIA, Bumble and Oatly.

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